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Ever wondered what it feels like to be surrounded with emerald green meadows that stretch infinitely? Ever wished to spend quality time near a crystal-clear flowing river, while breathing fresh air blown from sky-high pine trees? Then, Doodhpathri is definitely where you should be. An off-beat hillstation situated 42 km away from the capital city of Srinagar, Doodhpathri has recently entered the charts of Jammu & Kashmir Tourism, making it a secluded and serene hillstation. This bowl-shaped valley is located in Budgam district of Jammu & Kashmir, and is at 8957 ft altitude from the sea level.Doodhpathri means ``Valley of Milk``, and there are several stories to the origin of its name. Some say that the river flowing on the meadows gushes with such force that it looks like milk from a distance. Another interesting story is that a famous saint of Kashmir once prayed for water and pricked the ground with his stick, only to have milk oozing out of the ground. Make sure to walk on the icy pebbles of different sizes surrounding this river and soak your feet in its cool water.

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